Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 on Friday~Linking Up

My loves this week:
{1} I got crafty last weekend and made a new wreath for our door!  Since I am very indecisive, I spent about an hour in Hobby Lobby trying to decide what I could to make.  This is the finished product and I love how it turned out! Who doesn't love flamingos and chevron? Being obsessed with chalkboards, I am excited to change up the saying and keep it interesting. Thought this one was appropriate for my sister-in-law and her triplets who are visiting this weekend from IL!!

 {2} Since I am trying to cut back on wasted calories, I decided to give an Iced Coffee with sugar-free Caramel and Soy a try! It wasn't too shabby! May be my new go to.......

 {3} Like I mentioned last week, I love to get fun mail!  So I decided to write a few love letters myself:)  Wish we all would do a little more writing and less texting like the good ole days!

{4} Loved finding about 100 selfies of my niece, Abigail in my phone!  She is too funny and really made my day to find these, especially this 1:

My younger sisters are to blame for teaching Abi how to take selfies and make these silly faces! I promise she doesn't really look like that;)  I love her funny and sweet personality!  Here she is enjoying the ocean with her precious smile:) I do keep all these and will flip though when I'm missing her!

{5} And loved my Target dollar bin find: Bag clips!  I think the Cat one is my fave;)
Hoping Miss Andrea is headed out of FL and that we have a Sunny weekend with family in town!  Hope yours is bright too!
xoxo, Brookley

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