Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey Y'all! Southern Selections link-up!

Sorry I have been MIA this Summer!  It has been a very busy one between work and actually living life!  I hope to catch up this Fall and wrap up my first blogging year with at least a weekly post!  After all, my main reason to start blogging was to share my random daily life adventures and thoughts to be able to reflect later:)

This week we have been in NC for a beautiful, sweet wedding in Charlotte, enjoying time with my family and simply loving the time off!  This has been my first true vacation week in 5 years and that time off was actually just when we moved from IL to FL!!  It's definitely been good for the mind, body, and soul!  I will share more on our trip soon!

I did want to share a link to Cambron's blog, The Southern Sophisticate!!  Today she shared my picks from her Southern Selection series!  I stumbled across her blog a couple weeks back and loved this quick questionnaire about love for the South!  Be sure to check it out to see my faves!  Being back "home" in NC this week, I think it's perfect timing to embrace how sweet the South is!  It has been a sight for sore eyes;)!

Happy Weekend!  Do what makes you happy and be grateful for the little things!

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