Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays-Our Story and Wedding Websites

our love story

I thought it was only appropriate to give a brief intro to Jeff and I to begin "Wedding Wednesdays".  The "story" was written by the both of us and used on our wedding website last year. 

                         The Story of Us....

The Story of Us....

We begin our story back at the summer of 2005. We both arrived in beautiful Charleston, SC on almost the same day. I made the trek down from North Carolina, and Jeff had a slightly longer journey from his Chicago home. Even though we would not meet until over a year later, destiny was already weaving her web!
You see, not only did we come to Charleston at the same time, but we just so happen to move just down the road from one another. And as luck would have it, we both found work at the same company, the Daniel Island Club. However, it would still be almost 6 months until our first encounter.
I worked up in the main clubhouse of Daniel Island, whilst Jeff found himself down at the fitness center. This is where fate would step in once again. My sister, Beth, also found herself working at the club. She was working down at the pool, near the fitness center, and she saw how much fun Jeff was having everyday…folding towels in the nice A/C…so she decided to join him. As the two of them got to know each other, Beth was beginning to notice similarities between myself and Jeff. She would make subtle comments about Jeff to me, and vice versa. I was busy with school and work and enjoying being with my friends so I never really thought much about it, but that would soon change.
The end of 2006 was coming fast, and it was time for our company’s annual Christmas party. Jeff and I arrived separately; neither of us knowing that would be the night we would find our missing halves. We found ourselves sitting next to each other and we struck up the usually “nice to meet you” conversation. However, we both walked away knowing that this was something different!
We both went back to our hometown the following week for the holidays and when we came back had our first official date at Poe's Tavern on a Sullivan's Island. It was the beginning of our courtship! We spent the following year and a half falling in love. As we were trying to figure life out together and getting to know each other and ourselves, we decided to move to the Windy Cindy for a change of scenery. Our relationship continued to grow as we shared our ups and downs together. We loved being in the Big City and being by Jeff's family but one Chicago winter was enough to push us back below the Mason Dixon line. We threw a dart at a map...(joking) and decided to head to Florida. We eventually settled down in the oldest city in the nation, St. Augustine, FL, where we presently reside.
We might not have always known where we were going, but it was never a doubt where we would end up…together!

A few other oldie but goodie pics from our "dating" days;)  Looking at these, we look so young! Wonder what I'll say over the next 6 years!

I used for our website and so everyone could keep track of all the wedding plans. The best part was that it was free and customizable....take advantage of freebies because weddings can be expensive! Here was our link:    It was nice to include a link on our invitations and save the dates so people could get all the little details. Websites are especially nice for destination weddings and allows your guests insight to the area and your local favorite things to do, etc.  It makes your wedding personal and fun!

Anyone planning now? Are you using a planner? Would love to hear about your experiences!  Happy Planning!

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