Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcome to Sweet B and Sunshine, a blog about everyday life and adventures:)

After inspiration from other bloggers and the social media in general, I have decided to create a blog about my life and all the ups and downs that come along with it.  One of many resolutions for 2013 included starting a blog as a way to express myself and documenting all my adventures.  I think this will be fun and a great way to reflect on life.

Always<3"Enjoy Today" - A great daily reminder to hang in any room! 20x16 poster by ESPG $ 30.
Other 2013 Goals:
~Always trying to be better today than I was yesterday..learn from mistakes and not making them again!
~Drink more water and eat healthier--this is a huge challenge for someone that spends about 2 nights a week in a hotel and on the road all the time;)
~Run my 2nd half marathon....signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville my 29th birthday weekend!!
~Get back to weekend getaways with my hubby..we love exploring new places. Hopefully a Romantic honeymoon will also be part of this year's travel;)
~New Job--I was ahead of the game and made the switch with a great offer this past October
~Get more involved locally in St. Augustine-church, social events, fitness groups
~Read more...would like to be part of a book club as weird as that may sound. I am thinking fun themed parties or outings being part of it!
~Taking time to smell the coffee and enjoying each and every day!  (I tend to be a busy B)

I plan to include "Wedding Wednesdays" with a recap of our wedding this past October.  It was such a fun and magical day and the 14 months of planning, showers, and all the little details will not be left out;)  Being someone that never thought about their wedding day until they got engaged, I can't believe how much I am slightly obsessed with weddings now.  I guess that's what happens when you find Mr. Right;)  I am secretly planning a vow renewal...not really, but wouldn't that be fun!

Being a Southerner, I like to talk about nothing sometimes...that's what us Southerners do;)  I look forward to making "blog friends" and talking my day to day adventures that makes life so SWEET! 
True :)

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