Friday, May 3, 2013

Springtime fun and Seaworld!

Days keep flying by!  I feel like I am always playing catch up, but life has been busy and good!

My Mom and youngest sister, Breanna, came down to visit early April during her Spring break.  I was traveling during some of their trip but we took advantage of a beautiful day in Orlando to spend at Seaworld.  This was everyones first time, I had been actually been before but so long ago and before any rides where there plus my lack of memory, it felt like my first time.  Call me Dora;)

Sidenote: My Mom is a little obsessed with dolphins!  Her wedding (to my Stepdad) was mint and dolphin themed....they had an ice sculture of a dolphin, dolphin stamped napkins, matches.....She collects dolphin goodies, has mini anxiety moments at their sightings,'ve got the point, She was in heaven all day! Dolphin Cove was a start to the day!  We loved doing the dolphin feedings and being able to be touch them, talk to them:) They are so sweet!

The rides! We were lucky and were offered "Quick Queue" passes from our hotel which was a front of the line pass for every ride 1x!  You can also purchase this an an add-on.  The Manta was a lot of fun, smooth, lil splash of water, and the perfect rush!  Definetely ended up being my favorite!  They also have another roller coaster, the Kraken, and it was a bit much for me, very jerky!  Breanna's fave was "Journey to Atlantis" which was a water flume/coaster:)  Oh, and we can't forget the Jazzy Jellies!  Who doesn't love to spin and go up high!

The Shows! They're amazing!


This was the Shamu Concert show at the end of the day.  It was a fun ending and here are the Shamus' waving goodnight:)

There were beluga whales, sea turtles, manatees, polar bears, sting rays, and more to see!  I love the concept that Seaworld cares for the animals and helps save and return many back to their natural habitats!

Tips for anyone looking to visit:
  • offers coupons
  • Buy tix online for savings
  • If you stay at a nearby hotel, they offer free shuttles so you don't have to worry about parking. Also see if hotel offers quick queue passes!
  • You cannot bring in outside food/snacks unless medical reason. Pack light because you do have to get lockers if going on the rides!
  • Take advantage of the "all you can eat" day pass!  So worth it and all the food we had was good!
Loved our trip to Seaworld and spending time with my Mom, sister, and Jeff!  May have to be a tradition on their annual Spring visit to see us!

Have you been? What are your fave things to see and do? 

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